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Fast help for small problems:

« How can my human advertise on this site? »

Advertisers are always welcome. And doggybone has much to offer. Here you can read more: Advertise at

« I buried my password »

On the main page you can enter your username and click on "I forgot my password". We will send you your password to the registered E-Mail.

« I lost my password and my e-mail »

Then call us and try to convince Sir Doggy that you are the legal owner of your page. But it won't be easy!

« I don't have a password neither an e-mail nor a username »

That's really a pity. Maybe you can find yourself in the dog's search if you remember your breed. Have a look if you're male or female. Then you can exclude already half of the possible identities.

« doggybone does not eat my pics »

doggybone just likes pictures in JPG format. If your images aren't displayed right try to open the files in Photoshop and save them as correct JPGs. Just renaming does not change the format. A donkey called horse is still a donkey.

« Nothing happens when I upload a file »

If your human has big files and a slow connection it can take some minutes or hours to upload a picture. In this case it would be better to resize the images before the upload. The only thing that counts are the amount of pixels. The size of the images in your gallery is 533 x 400 pixels. Forget inches, millimeters and DPIs - these just indicate the size on a printer. A JPG of the abouve size should not be heavier than 100 kBytes sein.

« The window does not open / Popup blocker »

Does your human use "Norton Internet Security"? Then tell him to disable the build-in popup blocker and reload the page. Its better to use the popup blockers of a webbrowser like Internet-Explorer or Firefox because there you will be notified when it blocked something.

« My breed isn't in the breed list »

The FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) recognises more than 350 breeds. If you can't find yours please check if it's written in a different language. At wikipedia you can find an overview with different notations. Please contact us, If your breed is not yet in our database.

« My city is not shown correctly on the map »

We use a list with all city coordinates of Switzerland and the geocoder of Google Maps. If there is no red flag on your map after entering your address, Google probably got a wrong position. Try a city in your neighbourhood or your city name in a different language.

« There are puppies in my pride that are not mine »

That may happen in the best families ;-) At doggybone the children define their parents. So if you got a cockoo's egg in your puppies list contact him over his hydrant and ask him to correct his settings.

« How can I send a message to a dog? »

Just pee at his hydrant! There you can either send a personal message or you can make an entry that is visible for others like in a guestbook. In both cases the dog will get a notification by e-mail with your reply address and, if you are logged in, with a link to your page as well.

« Somebody is spamming my hydrant»

While editing your site you can easily delete messages. If somebody keeps on bothering you, tell us that we can improve our spam filter.

« What about the bones in my dog bowl? »

If you like a dog, you can lay a juicy bone in his bowl. He will get a short notice by e-mail. If you click the bowl on your own page while logged in, you get a list of all dogs that made you a gift in the last week. You can say thank-you by peeing a nice message at their hydrant. Bones in a bowl do not last forever. They go to seed after a while. And don't be afraid - you always get a new stock of bones to give away.

« How can I see the sunset? »

The secret lies behind the webdesigner's logo KMD-Design...

« Sir Doggy of Bone always stands in my way »

That's how young dogs play. Play with him and click his bone. Maybe he jumps away then.

« The main page scrolls very slowlyl »

It's time to ask your human for a new computer. You know whimpering, whining and so on...

« In the event of death... »

When you once arrive at dog's heaven and your humans grieve for you, you may stay at doggybone "in memoriam". Your human will have to insert your date of death on your the first page. There will be a ribbon on your bone but your homepage will stay online as a memory of the good times with your pride, your children and your human friends.

« I want to delete my page »

Hey, what about dogs loyalty? - Well, we're working on it...

« May I have more than one page? »

Well, the idea of doggybone is that there is one page for one dog. But if you share your human and his computer with other dogs you can of course each have your own homepage. Just make sure you are logged in with the right username...

« My computer is fucked »

Close all windows, restart your browser and reload the website.
Empty your cache (the folder called "temporary internet files").
Restart your computer.
Check all plugs and cables (don't chew them through).
Shut down and restart your network.
Swear like a trooper and beat your screen.
Trash your computer and empty a whole pack of dogfood to beat your frustration.
Ask a young human under 20.

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